K9 Intel offers a specialized integrative training program
based on a philosophy that teaches you how to provide
your dog with a sense of security and well-being by
establishing strong leadership and making events
predictable and controllable.  

Most of the clients that we train with have provided their
dogs some level of obedience training in the past, but the
methods used proved unsuccessful in correcting or
controlling the behavioral issues. Training should extend
beyond basic commands like "sit", "stay" and "down".  
These are essential commands, but they are really just a
means to an end.  
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The end goal is a reliable and well socialized dog that trusts and respects you as a
leader.  This is the outcome you should expect from an effective training program!

We apply a proven training program that builds a solid foundation and allows you to
properly address your dog's behavioral challenges, giving you the opportunity to live
more peaceful lives together.   

First, we will set up a consultation at your home, at which time we will perform a
complete assessment and determine the most appropriate training solutions for your
dog.  Whether you want to correct undesirable behavior or simply wish to take your
relationship to another level, we can help you!  
Serving SF, Marin and Napa